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291 Colorado Whiskey



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"The Good Guy" 

Mash Bill: 291 Colorado Good Guy Rye RYE MALT, MALTED WHEAT, CORN, MALTED BARLEY 

Showcasing our continued efforts to expand the boundaries of American whiskey, the 291 Good Guy Rye is the first ever whiskey of its kind: a four-grain, wheated rye whiskey. 

Conceived as an innovative counterpart to our acclaimed Bad Guy Bourbon, the Good Guy Rye flips the mash bill of the Bad Guy on its head, swapping the percentages of rye and corn to produce a wholly distinctive expression of rye whiskey, carefully distilled from a mash of malted rye, malted wheat, corn, and malted barley. 

Possibly the most unique whiskey we’ve made to date, it is certainly one of our favorites here at Distillery 291. Exhibiting a refined balance of flavors, it embodies a harmonious interplay of spice and sweetness, with a character that is both bold and inviting. 

Kevin Gibson with Minnick Media describes the sensation of Good Guy as “a burst of smoke, maple, dark fruit and myriad other notes and flavors. And yet, somehow, it’s surprisingly approachable, even at such a hefty proof point, softened perhaps by the wheat.” Like its four-grain bourbon predecessor, 291 Good Guy Colorado 4-Grain Rye is bottled at barrel proof, ensuring an authentic and unadulterated sipping experience.

TASTING NOTES: Gingerbread, SMOKED MANGO & soft tropical fruit, lavender, cedar, RICH Toffee, Red Hot candy cinnamon baked apples

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